Popular Tourist Places In Mount Abu


Mount Abu is a beautiful hill station situated in Rajasthan. It is known as the ‘Oasis Of The Desert’ because of its scenic beauty, waterfalls, lakes, rich flora and fauna and soothing climate. It is the highest peak of Aravali mountain range situated at 1,219 meters above sea level. Mount Abu has world class tourist facilities and it is great holiday spot popular among national as well as international tourists.

Some of the major Tourist Attractions in Mount Abu are-

Dilwara Jain Temples:- Dilwara Temples is a popular Jain pilgrimage site. It is renowned for its extraordinary marble carving and spectacular architectural design. Some scientists have called it architecturally superior to Taj Mahal. These temples were built in 11th century AD but they still stand tall and are unmatched as far as the marvelous and ornamental stone craft is concerned.

Nakki Lake:- Nakki Lake is called ‘The Heart Of Mount Abu’ and it has the honor of being the only Indian artificial lake. Considered a holy site, Nakki Lake holy is said to have been dug by gods using their ‘nakhs’ or nails.

Sunset Point:- Sunset Point attracts a large number of tourists because of its natural beauty and pleasant surroundings. The idea of watching a setting sun from the top of a hill is in itself quite fascinating. In addition, there are many food stalls and souvenir shops around the area which attracts many local and foreign tourists.

To escape the hustle and bustle of the cities and enjoy natural beauty, there is no place better than Mount Abu to visit. For a pleasant and tranquil stay, Hotel Aradhana, one of the finest Hotels in Mount Abu, can be a premium and budget-friendly option. It has well designed luxurious rooms which ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience amidst the greenery and breathtaking panoramic views. It provides the best facilities and personalized services to its guests. To book Rooms, you can log on to http://www.mountabu-hotels.in/.

Luxury Hotels In Mount Abu


Situated in the Aravali hills range, Mount Abu is the only hill station situated in the desert land of Rajasthan. Popular for its scenic location & beautiful landscape, it is an abode of a number of Hindu temples. Also situated here are the famous Adhar Devi Temple and the historical Achalgarh fort. Hence, it attracts a lot of tourists and devotees from around the world. And to cater to the needs of the people visiting Mount Abu, it has a number of accommodations options ranging from luxury hotels to the budget accommodations.
Luxury Hotels In Mount Abu: Add To The Holiday Experience

The list of reputed resorts and hotels in Mount Abu is a long one catering to all kinds of tourists, both domestic and international one. By choosing a good hotel to stay in, you can add to the holiday experience in a wonderful manner. Deluxe rooms, authentic local delicacies, exclusive deals on holiday packages, 24*7 room service, a warm & friendly staff, excellent recreational activities, etc. are some of the benefits that you can avail by checking into a good luxury hotel.
Mount Abu Luxury Hotels: Have A Stress- Free Holiday

A safe vault where you can stash your valuables, availability of banking facility in case you run out of cash, a travel desk to answer all your queries regarding the town – these are some other facilities that you can look forward to when you stay in a luxury hotel. In the end, luxury hotels are all about making your holiday experience truly stress-free and memorable.

Hotel Aradhana is one such reliable name in the list of Luxury Hotels In Mount Abu. It offers many attractive deals to its clients. You can enjoy a blend of Indian and Chinese cuisines from the roof top restaurant offering a gripping view of the beautiful surroundings. Its prices are very reasonable making its clients to choose it among the other Hotel and Resorts in Mount Abu. To enquire about bookings, log on to http://www.mountabu-hotels.in/

Tourist Attractions Of Mount Abu


Mount Abu, situated in the Aravalli range of Rajasthan, is a famous hill station. Known for its natural beauty and spectacular points of interest – the place is perfect to get away from the scorching heat of Rajasthan. The lakes, forests, wildlife and its famous sunset and sunrise points make it an attraction for nature lovers.
Tourist Attractions In Mount Abu:


  • Sunset Point: This is a main show of Mount Abu. Setting of sun behind the forest ranges of Abu peaks makes it an amazing view which is never missed by the visiting tourists. One could get the triple views of the ranges and the spectacular lake, along with the multi-colored sky from this location.
  • Dilwara temples: These exquisite temples comprises of five legendary Jain temples, dating back to 11th to 13th century AD. The marvelously decorated doorways, ceilings and roofs make these white marbled temples majestic. They are a combination of delicate craft of Jain architecture and Mewar style. They are the major Jain temples found in Rajasthan.
  • Adhar Devi Temple: Situated on a peak, this temple is famous for its 365 steep steps that need to be climbed to reach the premise of the presiding deity- Goddess Durga. Each step represents a day. This is the main pilgrimage of Mt Abu.
  • Nakki Lake: Set in the background of scenic ranges of Aravalli, Nakki Lake is popular for its cool atmosphere. This is the only artificial lake found in India with 1200 meters height. There are also boating facilities to enjoy the serene nature view.
  • Achal Ghar: This village is known for its two attractions- Achalgarh fort and Achaleshwar Mahadeo. Achalgarh was built during Mewar dynasty. The Achaleshwar Mahadeo temple is a famous pilgrimage, with Lord Shiva being the main deity. The footprints on the rock nearby this temple are believed to be of Lord Shiva.

To make your stay pleasant in Mount Abu, Hotel Aradhana – a luxury hotel in Mount Abu – provides exciting tourist packages to make your stay memorable. The roof top view from Hotel Aradhana offers a mesmerizing view of the sunrise and sunset. The accommodations in Hotel Aradhana are available at reasonable charges. Log in to www.mountabu-hotels.in for more enquiries.


Budget Hotels In Mount Abu: For Affordable, Memorable Vacation


In early days, the Hotels were just an accommodation at a travel destination, where the tourists put up for the duration of their stay. These accommodations were rooms that usually just had all the basic amenities that were required by travelers for resting. Nowadays, the situation has changed a lot; there are many luxury Hotels that offer everything and anything to customers in order to ensure a comfortable stay & a wonderful vacation. Staying in such hotels is a costly affair & not everybody can afford to do so.
On the other hand, there are Budget Hotels which offer premium services at lower costs in comparison to most of the luxury Hotels. Budget Hotels in popular tourist places like Mount Abu offer huge discounts on Holiday Packages. Apart from the breathtaking beauty & peaceful environs, Mount Abu is especially known for the innumerable Budget Hotels that the town has. By staying in a budget hotel, you do not have to worry about the expensive charges; rather can concentrate on enjoying the beauty and charm of this place.
Many Budget Hotels in Mount Abu also offer sightseeing services, in which tourists are taken to all the prominent tourist places. In most of the luxury Hotels, you cannot accommodate a third person in the room that is booked for two, while many prominent Budget Hotels of Mount Abu you can easily accommodate your friends and family by just paying few extra charges. There are many more services that you can avail in Budget Hotels of Mount Abu.
Hotel Aradhana is one of the renowned Budget Hotels of Mount Abu which is engaged in providing excellent Hospitality Services. The elaborate infrastructure and excellent services of the Hotel has made it fairly popular. The Hotel is known to offer great discounts on its premium Mount Abu Stay Packages. You can search the Hotel’s website www.mountabu-hotels.in to get all the information about their offerings.

Mount Abu – Best Destination For Family Vacation


Mount Abu is truly a traveler’s paradise, the scenic beauty and the pleasant climate of this place is extremely blissful. Mount Abu is located in Rajasthan at an elevation point of 1,220 m (4,003 ft) above the sea level. Since Mount Abu is the only hill station located in Rajasthan, it has been attracting a lot of tourists from Rajasthan and the neighboring states. Many tourists visit this popular hill station which is located in the mighty Aravalli Ranges of Rajasthan.
The cool climatic conditions and captivating natural beauty of Mount Abu is sure to make any vacation blissful. Mount Abu is an excellent travel destination for family vacation. There are many tourist spots in Mount Abu that can be visited and thoroughly enjoyed with friends and family. Few of the prominent tourist spots of Mount Abu are listed below:

  • Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Dilwara Temples
  • Adhar Devi Temple (Arbuda Devi Temple)
  • Achalgarh Fort
  • Nakki Lake

Apart from the above mentioned tourist spots, there is lot to see and experience in Mount Abu. You can visit Mount Abu at any time of the year but summers are the best time for planning a vacation in Mount Abu. The climate of Mount Abu is extremely blissful between April-June, which makes it the appropriate time to visit this natural paradise. A well-planned family vacation in Mount Abu will bring you closer to nature and your loved ones. Before you plan your Family Vacation to Mount Abu do find out about the Good Mount Abu Hotels which offer pocket friendly Stay Packages.

If you want to visit Mount Abu then you must know about few Good Mount Abu Hotels. Hotel Aradhana is a prominent Hotel in Mount Abu which is engaged in providing excellent Hospitality Services. The elaborate infrastructure and excellent services of the Hotel has made it fairly popular among tourists. You can get all information about the holiday packages offered by Hotel Aradhana by simply browsing through their website www.mountabu-hotels.in


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